Our understanding of some markets allows us to connect and advise potential investors on projects in need of funds and/or operational support.

Representations & Distributions

A team of multilingual consultants on different fields are ready to offer their knowledge on import/exports and market penetration for your products and services in different regions.


Be your initial and only one stop source for advice on the geographical diversification of your investments and market expansion for your products/services.

Especial emphasis

We promote cultural and commercial relationships between Rijeka/Croatia and Guayaquil/Ecuador. There is a lot of potential for commerce exchange, investment and social enrichment.
Our team is ready to help you step by step to explore business initiatives or promote cultural exchanges between countries.


Luis Santillan


Dean Miculinić

Senior Consultant

Moise Bašić


Ana Peruničić






Provide business consulting and manage investor’s funds in different industries. Clients are welcome to participate in our current projects portfolio or bring new business ideas in need for funding.

Our current portfolio will provide you different options on different geographies and industries to secure a well-balanced return on your investments. Our job is to find the most suitable investor for the continuity of your project.

We develop and present the whole investment initiative to you, partners and other decision makers. Our services involve all critical aspects of the business plan: budget forecast, market growth rates, financial ratios, operational processes, regulatory considerations, among others.

Our consultants will advise you on the best solution to integrate your banking requirements to the flow of your investments, VAT and other financial regulations and how to take most advantages of it. We will present you all the legal alternatives available to secure your investments.

Our expertise includes identification and presentation of companies who can match with your investments needs or current core business. We will arrange the meetings with potential stakeholders; the services might include all your travel arrangements and interpreter services.


We represent & distribute products and services from companies seeking to establish new markets between Europe and Latin America.

We conduct series of analysis to identify the real opportunity for your product or service, market size, competitors, possible entry barriers, distribution channels, cultural obstacles or advantages.

Our team is connected with an extensive network of skilled logistics companies who will carry your services or goods through the markets.

We have a dedicated SME per every line of product or service that we represent in the country where the business take place, this allow us to keep constant pulse of the market at every stage of the process.

We provide intelligence to comply with countries regulations and legislative requirements to make your products and services available on the market.


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